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EPA Lead Certification Training Course is crucial because traditional remodeling can now create significant risks for lead dust if lead paint is present and disturbed.

Lead dust cause by traditional renovations can lead poisoning in children. You can also poison the pregnant woman, you, your children, other workers and even pets. Practical changes in work practices can minimize the contain lead dust. The use of lead safe work practices makes the workplace safer and reduces individual exposure to liability.

EPA Renovation, Repair and painting of Final Rule (40 CFR 745) requires that the restorations made by way of compensation, must be carried out using a type certificate Certified renovators. Companies who want to work for renovation in the pre-1978 housing and children’s use of the premises must apply to the EPA and do some payment in order to obtain certification. Renovators want to become an EPA certified must pass over the EPA accredited course. This course is model for EPA Certified renovators, and as such meets all 40 CFR 745.90.

EPA Lead Certification Training Course

This course will teach you to comply with EPA renovation, repair and painting of the rule and HUD lead safe housing rule, and how to perform lead-safe work practices safely and efficiently.

Why the EPA lead certification is is required?

EPA encourages all companies involved in the EPA rule to begin to prepare to be trained and certified by the EPA as soon as possible carry. Not only will you be doing their failure to protect our children, but you will build your customers a better service. Failure to comply may face significant economic consequences. A company can also be brought to legal liability if a child is making contact with dust from lead paint or lead poisoning as a result suffer because a company is not following the safe work practices lead. The EPA has developed a compliance guide for workers in the construction industry and contractors whose points all the requirements of the new EPA standard.

EPA Lead Certification Training Course

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