Looking for EPA Lead-based Paint Training Class?

EPA RRP Lead-based Paint Training Class

RRP rules strike numerous contractors, realtors, property managers, and landlords. Even flooring contractors, window installers, electricians, plumbers , cabinet installers and counter-top installers can agitate adequate painted property surfaces to be susceptible to fines as much as $32,500 per violation.

The EPA Lead-based Paint Training Class will address all scenarios of the reason why the EPA sees lead dust made by troubling surfaces coated with lead paint the main source of lead poisoning in U.S.. You’ll discover why lead is so very easily assimilated by our bodies and why it’s so difficult for physicians to discover.

EPA Lead-based Paint Training Class

EPA Lead-based Paint Training Class preparation and views

EPA Lead-based Paint Training will include hands-on preparation for all views of protecting yourself as well as your clients during procedure for lead painted areas. You’ll discover ways to test for lead paint in homes and how to manage, clean and contain the affected areas.

Join ABLE Safety Consulting now for one of our EPA Lead-based Paint Training classes to turn into a Certified Renovator. Don’t take a bump on being found in a dispute with the federal agency, it’s going to be a no win situation.

EPA Lead-based Paint Training Class

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